About Us

Our Mission

The Actors Center is a collective of diverse professional actors committed to deepening their craft and challenging themselves in collaboration with likeminded peers. Through a process-oriented practice led by a group of Master Teachers, The Actors Center elevates and enhances a vibrant and vital artistic community.

Our Company

The Actors Center membership is a self-selecting group of peers, who work together to become better actors individually. There are no other purposes beyond continued, individual growth. Younger actors have much to gain in working with older, more established, experienced, and tested actors. Established actors are afforded an opportunity to continue to explore and re-explore their creative possibilities with master teachers. This is the inner dynamic that sustains this unique company and is the core of our mission, namely a commitment to the continual development of the human instrument that is the actor, in pursuit of our member’s artistic goals.

Our company hosts a variety of workshops, including weekly classes, weekend workshops, and week-long intensives. Faculty and guest artists who joined us in 2017-18 included: Ron Van Lieu (Scene Study), Slava Dolgachev (Scene Study), Bob Krakower (On-Camera), Joanna Merlin (Michael Chekhov), Becky Guy (Scene Study), Dakin Matthews (Shakespeare), Evan Yionoulis (Scene Study), Jim Calder (Movement), Grace Zandarski (Voice), Fay Simpson (Lucid Body), Chris Bayes (Clown), Jessica Wolf (Alexander), among many others.

Importantly, our company relies on no particular aesthetic, methodology, or approach to acting. We advocate for the actor as artist, for the actor’s individual commitment to artistic process, and the actor’s continued pursuit of deeply human performance.

Membership in The Actors Center does not require an audition. Admittance rests upon your current level of experience, recognition of your work by your peers, and your own stated interest and commitment to developing your craft. Members of the company are encouraged to nominate peers they know well, who would would both benefit from and meaningfully contribute to our work together. Nominees are then interviewed by the company’s membership committee. In order to grow sustainably, we are unfortunately only able to accommodate a limited number of new members each year.