About Us

Since our founding in 1996, The Actors Center has cultivated opportunities for thousands of diverse professional actors to advance their artistic development and unleash their creative potential, enriching stages and screens for audiences across the country.

We do this by sustaining a resident workshop company of actors unlike any other in the United States—namely, one devoted entirely to process-oriented practice. Simply put, we invest in performing artists, not productions. We provide a working laboratory for actors removed from the pressures of production and results-oriented work, empowering our members to take risks, innovate, and expand their artistic capabilities alongside a community of peers and under the guidance of master teachers and guest artists from around the world.

Our company is currently comprised of 280 professional actors ranging in age from 25 to 85, leaders in the field who work regularly throughout theatre, film, and television. Each season we invite up to 30 faculty and guest artists—teachers, actors, directors, and playwrights—to work with our company in a variety of artist development workshops. Areas of focus range from scene study and acting technique to stylized comedy, movement, clown, visual storytelling, mask, voice, improvisation, writing, singing, and more.

Importantly, our company relies on no single aesthetic, methodology, or approach to acting. We advocate for the actor as collaborative artist, for the actor’s ownership and commitment to artistic process, and the actor’s continued pursuit of transformational and revelatory performance.

In the past five years alone, our members have worked in more than 39 Broadway shows, 125 television series, 30 major feature films, collaborated with almost every major non-profit theatre in New York City, and performed in regional theatres across 40 states.

With this national reach, The Actors Center is uniquely positioned to elevate the integrity and artistic standards of acting as well as our theatre, film, and television industries. Our members carry forward in their careers the countless creative discoveries and sources of inspiration they’ve uncovered in our studios, enhancing work witnessed by millions of audience members each year, and helping our society, arts, and culture truly thrive.